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Sep 17, 2018

Mike and Dan talk early on a Saturday morning show!

  1. Talking about Hunters Blend Coffee's new Dark Roast called Black Powder!
  2. Danny is wide awake and Mike is trying to wake up!

Talking new ice shanties

  1. Danny found a new Otter Ice Shanty at the Woods and Water show!
  2. Danny is looking for a new ice house
  3. Tow hitch for ATV
  4. Bench seats vs single seats
  5. Sizes
  6. Side entrance vs front entrance
  7. Cell phone down the hole

Moving to deer hunting, Danny has a question for Mike about bow hunting vs rifle hunting and how he spends his time afield.

Shout out to all those affected by the Hurricane

A new article from QDMA about the recent statement made by one of the leading CWD researchers in the world Mike Miller, Colorado Parks and Wildlife from the Deer Biology Congress.

  1. Should we protect our yearling bucks or let hunters shoot them
  2. Miller said, "we should not be encouraging folks to practice DM or manage for older bucks."
  3. What is an "Older Buck"?
  4. Miller Said, "by older I mean we shouldn't be managing for bucks that are 4.5 to 6.5 years old."
  5. Talking education
  6. How does buck dispersal play into this?
  7. Field to Fork program