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Nov 5, 2018

The guys cover the week of bow hunting that Mike did

  1. Danny and Dan Jasa join Mike at camp
  2. Rain entire first day
  3. First day hunting
  4. Doe miss
  5. Deer movement times
  6. Early rut activity
  7. Mike's hunting bike broke on Monday
  8. Working on a new way to transport the bike
  9. Deer reports from listeners
  10. Mike doesn't like mornings

Coyote Wednesday

  1. Five deer right before dark
  2. Mike's set up
  3. Man made water holes
  4. The coyote encounter
  5. Coyote trail cam pics
  6. Mike didn't see another deer the last two days after the coyote encounter

Missing Fawns

  1. Too many coyotes
  2. Killing fawns
  3. Not seeing any of this year's fawn crop
  4. Very little fawn recruitment for next year

Mike hunts a track and switches stands

  1. Heavy deer left a track that headed into Mike's hunting area
  2. Switched a stand mid hunt
  3. Put a camera out in the ravine

Mike and Dan discuss a few of Mike's trail cam photos


Mike's acorns and tree experiement

  1. Mike collected 20 acorns from 10 white oaks and 10 red oaks
  2. Wants to try and grow some trees for future generations
  3. When sitting in your stand be observant of your habitat around you

Camera left out all winter

  1. Found a camera that Mike forgot he had out
  2. Got to see the progression of winter and how it impacted the deer
  3. How deer deal with winter survival
  4. How does our food plots impact deer survival
  5. Is what we are doing affecting our deer in a good way or bad way