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Nov 12, 2018

The boys got a new call from Limb Walker Game Calls

  1. The Palm Purr Plate
  2. Cedar Striker
  3. Quiet and upclose calling

Mike and Danny are ready and fired up for Michigan's Deer Firearm opener this week!

  1. Expecting and hoping for snow
  2. Getting packed and ready to roll
  3. Got the opening day plan set according to the weather
  4. Forecast is good for hunting this week
  5. Deer Cast app
  6. Dan is guiding at his camp
  7. Playing the wind

Using a bike to hunt

  1. Mike got his bike back
  2. New heavy duty derailer to replace the broken one
  3. New set up to transport the bike safely

The guys new exercise program

  1. Three weeks into our workout program
  2. Weight training this week
  3. Getting healthy for the hunt
  4. Heart healthy

Do you take an extra rifle to hunting camp

  1. Incase you damage one you've got an extra one to use
  2. Gun cleaning kit

Electronic Ears

  1. Hearing protection while hunting and shooting
  2. Using hearing protection at the gun range
  3. Dan bought Peltor electronic ears
  4. Tactical 500 model
  5. 2 mics in the front only
  6. They connect via Bluetooth to devices
  7. Slim line cups

Trail Cam Card Reader

  1. What Mike uses
  2. App is free
  3. Mike's is for IPhone but they have Android
  4. Used pill bottle for extra cards
  5. Labeling cameras