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Dec 1, 2018

Mike and Dan talk with Jake and Nick Miller of OTown Outdoors. They start off with CWD.

  1. The guys discuss CWD in Michigan
  2. CWD discussion about Ohio
  3. One buck talk and doe tags
  4. Ohio deer numbers down

Talking hunting with the family.

  1. Hunting with all three kids
  2. Nick's Ohio buck and how it unfolded
  3. Jake's Ohio buck and how it unfolded
  4. Passing along the family tradition
  5. Holidays means talking hunting with family

Why stick and string vs gun during this gun season

  1. Still use firearms but love the close range of bow hunting
  2. Hunter's orange while bow hunting during firearm season

Learning from mistakes

  1. Pushes to keep going forward
  2. Some things you cannot control
  3. Uncontrollable situations keeps driving you

Preparing for the hunt throughout the year

  1. Shed hunting
  2. Scouting for turkeys
  3. Some archery shooting
  4. Turkey hunting
  5. Trail cameras
  6. Food plots

Hunting access

  1. Have several local spots which means quick access
  2. Public lands
  3. Summer scouting

Discussion on driving vehicles into your hunting area vs not driving

  1. Situational
  2. Some spots have regular traffic
  3. Low traffic areas deer seem to pattern traffic

Stand placement

  1. Time of year
  2. When time allows to place a stand
  3. Scent control while placing stands
  4. Hunting the wind
  5. Smoking hunting clothes for cover scent
  6. Ozonics
  7. How hunting the wind makes you more aware of your surrounding area which makes you a better hunter

Looking at entry into stand sites

  1. Built a food plot with entry in mind
  2. Access might be dictated by size of property
  3. Worried more about being quiet
  4. Using headlamps again during access
  5. Clearing a path to the stand sites

Firearm straight walled cartridges

  1. Ohio just changed rule to allow straight walled cartridges
  2. They want to try it for sure

Heart photo!

  1. Nick's heart shot
  2. From buck he shot this fall

Fawn photo

  1. Late season fawn with spots
  2. Photo from same day Nick shot his buck
  3. Late fawn drop
  4. Late fawn survival
  5. Predators
  6. Coyote breeding due to alpha female dying in the pack.

Dream hunts

  1. Nick talks about turkey hunting every state
  2. Jake talks about a Yukon Moose hunt

Favorite recipe of wild game meat

Processing your own meat photo

Hunting and Patriotic photo