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Dec 10, 2018

Mike had a group of kids up to his camp for a youth doe reduction hunt. The kids were from Backwater Legacies in Mid-Indiana.

  1. First day Mike had camp to himself for the last bow hunt of the season.
  2. Temps in the teens, 6 hours in stand with two deer seen.
  3. Kids make it to camp
  4. Held a doe management class before bedtime
  5. Day one of the hunt and setting on go!
  6. Holding an in the field deer browse class with the kids
  7. Day two of the hunt
  8. One kid with an opportunity
  9. Another kid drops a doe
  10. One of the kids engaged in learning about deer and habitat management
  11. Hunting with David Boggs
  12. Deer hunt turns into a coyote hunt real quick!
  13. The bear den trip
  14. Squirrel Stew!
  15. The gunless guide
  16. All the kids joined in with the field dressing of the deer
  17. Passing the torch