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Dec 17, 2018

Mike setting up the PSE Phenom for indoor archery leagues

  1. Sunny day in December
  2. What warm weather can do in December
  3. Shot about 7 or 8 rounds of 3
  4. Haven't shot since October
  5. Haven't shot target bow since July or August
  6. Gym workouts helping with shooting the bow
  7. Had to deal with shooting with heavier clothes on

Danny was looking for shed antlers

  1. Trail cam SD card storage
  2. Dan checked his trail cam in his back yard
  3. Got a little 7 point coming in one evening
  4. Came back
  5. in 2.5 hours later and had dropped his antlers
  6. Danny went looking for his sheds
  7. He has a new bigger buck coming in now
  8. He also found a dead doe and pulled the jaw bone

Can you shoot enough coyotes to make an impact on the local deer herd?

  1. Article by Patrick Durkin
  2. Was the moose kill situations a learned behavior?
  3. Does a sustained coyote population give us a green light to shoot if it cannot be thinned?
  4. Can we hunt them hard enough to make an impact in increasing our localized deer herd
  5. How does time of year play into this
  6. Can you target female coyotes vs males?

New cases of CWD

  1. Tennessee has found CWD in their deer herd
  2. North Dakota has found a case of CWD in a whitetail deer

Taking doe early enough in season to affect the food sources and the stress on breeding bucks