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Mar 18, 2019

Mike runs the Rambo Bike on the ice pulling the ice shanty.

  1. How the bike handled on the ice
  2. How it pulled the shanty on the ice

Mike recaps his weekend in Indiana on the new deer lease

  1. Friday weather was horrible
  2. Fields really muddy
  3. Woods full of Honey Suckle bushes
  4. Cutting trails
  5. Bike worked well for moving around the property
  6. Carrying extra gear
  7. New stand locations
  8. Marking stand locations with Scout Look App
  9. Timber Stand Improvement
  10. Trail Cameras
  11. Deer using our new trails
  12. New food plot locations
  13. Water sources
  14. Shed antler
  15. Coyotes
  16. Found two deer carcasses

Wrapping up our first archery league season

  1. Mike is understanding his mistakes now
  2. Danny is becoming more consistant
  3. Danny switched up some of his gear