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Mar 25, 2019

The guys talk with Lincoln Rohn, owner of Packer Maxx cultipackers about food plots and the Packer Maxx!

  1. New Mossy Oak Gamekeepers Magazine with an ad for Packer Maxx
  2. Partnered with Mossy Oak on the Heavy Duty Packer Maxx becoming the official cultipacker for Gamekeepers
  3. How he became owner of Packer Maxx
  4. Several models to choose from
  5. What material do you fill it with?
  6. Why a cultipacker is important to growing a successful food plot
  7. How to use it with certain seeds
  8. Why food plots are not just for hunting
  9. Are more people planting food plots now?
  10. Food plots vs bait
  11. Rotating crops
  12. Mixing plots
  13. Lincoln's hunting season

What's going on with Antler Point Restrictions in Michigan?

  1. Waiting on results to come back from the Thumb area survey
  2. APR's in CWD area?
  3. What is going on with APR's in the TB zone?
  4. Hunter Participation
  5. Realtime Hunter Harvest APP

CWD numbers in Lincoln's area he hunts?

Do you think that Deer Farmers who breed deer, have the genetic answer to CWD?

  1. Is the private money going to solve the problem?
  2. Why can't they take a CWD resistant deer and put into a CWD area to breed into the herd