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Apr 8, 2019

We talk turkey with the President of the Flint River Chapter of the NWTF.

Turkey workshop

  1. DNR officer Dan Prince was guest speaker
  2. Turkey nesting habits
  3. Boom!
  4. Breeding Season
  5. Poults

What's new with NWTF?

  1. Getting non-hunters and youth involved
  2. Looking to do Veteran hunt this fall
  3. Land access is huge problem
  4. Michigan up to 300,000 turkeys now

Turkey relocation program

  1. Our local birds are from the 60 birds released decades ago in the area
  2. Jim participated in the relocation program
  3. All turkey habitat in Michigan has birds in it
  4. Only relocation now is due to nuisance birds
  5. How they caught and relocated birds

Two bird limit coming to Michigan?

What calls does Jim use?

Patterning your gun and shot to use

Decoy placement and shooting around decoys

Birds roosting over water

Wild Turkey Recipe

Jakes Event this summer