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May 20, 2019

Mike is back from vacation

  1. Spent time at Gulf Shores Alabama
  2. Crane on the beach near a fisherman
  3. Grabbed a Ballyhoo fish
  4. A seagull and a crab going at it
  5. FloraBama

Danny talked to Nick Percy of Killer Food Plots and is getting ready to plant his food plots next weekend.

  1. Danny is getting ready to food plot
  2. Opening up camp
  3. Using the PackerMaxx to bust up the ground
  4. Planting oats and clover
  5. Taking soil samples
  6. Putting a few cameras out

Choosing a deer camp to join

  1. How do you choose the right camp to join
  2. What are you walking into
  3. How many members and how do they hunt
  4. Being like-minded
  5. What do you expect out of camp
  6. Hunting areas
  7. Types of hunting allowed
  8. Hunting philosophies
  9. Interviewing the camp as they interview you as  prospective member
  10. Purchasing an opportunity to hunt is what it boils down to
  11. What game is offered
  12. What are the neighbors like around the property
  13. Knowing your own members in your camp
  14. Hunting rules
  15. Sharing areas or private areas
  16. Traditions can get in the way of camps
  17. Making memories at camp
  18. Big timber in Alabama