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May 27, 2019

Danny makes his annual trip to the Upper Peninsula of Michigan to open his cabin for the first time of the year.

  1. Made it to camp
  2. Roof is still on the cabin
  3. No water leaks
  4. Getting work done at camp
  5. Got the PackerMaxx out to work on the food plots
  6. Took soil samples
  7. Trees planted last year got a little nibbled on from the deer
  8. Cleaning up around camp with the EZ Cut gear, the loppers and 20 foot pole saw
  9. Water in the woods and the creeks are running high
  10. Looking to trim a few shooting lanes

Talking a little bit about velveted bucks

Mike got out to tune the Evolve 28 this weekend

  1. Got 20, 30, and 40 set on Saturday
  2. Really like the way this bow shoots
  3. Fits Mike better than the 31
  4. Took a few cool pics on Saturday with the bow
  5. Working with grip position

Reflecting on Memorial Day

The guys talk about their workout plan and how it's going and what they are working towards.