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Aug 26, 2019

Danny is getting ready for his annual late summer trip north to deer camp

  1. Pulling camera cards
  2. Taking the new stand north
  3. Freshening up the food plots
  4. Oats, and clover

New UNJ teammate Ken Scicluna

EHD in Indiana

  1. Cases starting to show up in Indiana
  2. 2 suspected cases in the county Mike is hunting
  3. 3 confirmed cases in the state

Mike had an incident with his Jeep this week that nearly cost him his life.

  1. The message is tie your loads down!!!!!
  2. Tool through the windshield missed his head by a foot
  3. This happens more than you think

A little trapping talk

New Archery League

  1. Summer hunting tune up league
  2. 4 weeks long
  3. New shooters to experienced
  4. NFAA scoring
  5. Guys getting familiar with the PSE Evolve 28's

A coyote question

Bows for kids