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Sep 16, 2019

Cool weather is getting the guys pumped for archery season!

Danny got stands set and pulled camera cards at his U.P. camp

  1. Taking deer inventory on his cameras
  2. Got a bear on camera that didn't like his camera
  3. Also got a wolf on camera
  4. Put out a few mock scrapes with Buck Baits

Mike went to Indiana and the soy beans have come on strong

  1. Mid thigh high
  2. Deer still browsing on them pretty good
  3. Raccoons are hitting the corn heavy

Mike got some mock scrapes in with Buck Baits Scrape Enhancer

  1. Ground is really hard due to no rain
  2. Buck Baits Earth Cover Scent and odor breaker
  3. New Scent-Lok Early Season Savannah Reign pants worked great
  4. Cuddylink cameras still not working properly
  5. Used our EZ Kut Pruners and Loppers to clear out shooting lanes and trail camera locations
  6. Setting up scrapes
  7. Tarsal Gland lure and how to use it.

Ken Scicluna is prepping his new hunting lease

  1. Working with the new PSE Decree
  2. Got cameras out on the lease
  3. Sets cameras high on the tree and angle down
  4. Going to try some mock scrapes
  5. Difference in deer hunting in U.P. vs southern Michigan

Our take on taking does

Maturing as a hunter

Playing the odds to your favor