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Sep 30, 2019

The guys memorialize the owner of Spot Shooter Archery, Jim Beasley who passed away suddenly this week. Mike and Danny share stories and memories of Jim.

Interview with outdoor writer/editor/author Jerry Lambert about the upcoming archery season.

  1. Catchin' Deers
  2. Trail Cameras
  3. Deer Disease
  4. EEE affecting deer
  5. Deer sniffing trail cameras
  6. Trophy Buck Corridor
  7. Common denominators of big bucks, heavy cover
  8. Outside in
  9. Cold fronts
  10. Changing stands mid hunt due to winds changing
  11. Using deer decoys
  12. Using mock scrapes
  13. Water sources
  14. When to take does
  15. Late season go to tactic
  16. His books
  17. Favorite deer hunting song