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Oct 7, 2019

The guys talk with Andy Treharne the Senior Director of Western States and Federal Policy and Ellary Tucker Williams the Inter-Mountain Western States Coordinator.

  1. Ellary's position and what she does for outdoorsmen
  2. Andy's position and what he does for outdoorsmen

What is the Congressional Sportsmen's Foundation?

  1. The caucus
  2. Tell our elected officials why the outdoors is so important to us
  3. Non-Profit
  4. Teaching conservation to our elected officials
  5. Connecting them with the outdoor industry
  6. Michigan surcharge of $1 for every license to educate hunters on conservation.

How are they handling the commercial fur trapping situation in California.

  1. Tough place to work
  2. Political climate is an uphill challenge
  3. Have no fundamental knowledge of why hunting and trapping is a good thing
  4. Will increase wildlife and human conflicts
  5. Based on emotion
  6. Don't want the legislature to decide game laws
  7. Battling the anti's
  8. Fights on the state level
  9. Proposal G
  10. House bill 2445 the Cecil Act
  11. Educating non hunting members of our elected officials

How is CSF funded?

CSF Clay Competition Shoot to get elected officials out to experience the outdoors

Pittman Robertson Fund

  1. What is in it
  2. How does it get split up
  3. What is the funding used for
  4. Ascent language

Dingell and Johnson fund

  1. Fishing side
  2. Boating side

How habitat groups contribute

The personal side with Ellary

  1. Duck camp
  2. Go to wildgame meal
  3. Deer hunting
  4. Trout fishing
  5. Favorite music
  6. Favorite snack
  7. Favorite hunting or fishing story to tell others

The personal side with Andy

  1. What is the backpack snack of choice
  2. What is the go to music when traveling
  3. Favorite wild game meal
  4. Favorite conservationist
  5. Favorite hunting or fishing story

How YOU can make a difference in the outdoors