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Oct 14, 2019

Danny spent ten days in Michigan's upper peninsula on a archery deer hunt.

  1. Made it to the U.P.
  2. Truck died on U.S. 2 with a trailer load of wood!
  3. Left his truck at the Snowmobile Museum in Naubinway Michigan.
  5. Left the truck and rented a U-Haul to travel the rest of the way to camp.
  6. Fall colors are popping
  7. Food plots are doing their jobs
  8. Using Buck Baits Cover Scents
  9. Red Fox eating sugar beets
  10. The buck encounters they had
  11. Wolf or coyote?

Mike took the first weekend of October off to bow hunt in the northern lower peninsula of Michigan

  1. Tune up of bow at camp
  2. Got into stand and the deer started coming out
  3. Watched the does and young deer feed upclose with binoculars to see exactly what they were eating on
  4. Big buck came out around 5:30pm
  5. The Shot!
  6. String jump or arrow whistling?
  7. Next morning and evening hunt
  8. Using the Rambo Bike and the difference it makes
  9. Putting out a few mock scrapes
  10. Pop up blind hunt on the last day

Got out with the new camper this weekend

  1. Mike and his wife's first camping trip
  2. Mears State Park Campground
  3. Cold and rain
  4. Spent the day Saturday in Pentwater for Octoberfest
  5. Used the Scent-Lok OZ ozone generator to kill any new smell from the furnace
  6. Took some photos at the pier
  7. Trip was a shake down for the camper and us to learn how to set it up and use it.