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Oct 21, 2019

Danny's story of his dog getting a little too close to a skunk

  1. Dog gets sprayed in the mouth by a skunk
  2. Dog comes in the house and stinks up the house
  3. Dawn dishsoap, baking soda, and peroxide to wash the dog
  4. Danny texted Mike to use his OZ ozone generator to get the smell out of the house
  5. #OZbyScentLok
  6.  Mike is going to use it in a stinky freezer
  7. Mike wants to make a scent free closet for his hunting clothes to put them in and use the OZ to refresh them
  8. Other uses for the OZ

Getting ready for Elk Season

  1. Mike takes an elk magazine from the doctors office
  2. It's hell getting old
  3. Shane Mahoney article
  4. Got the rifle sighted in for the elk hunt
  5. Back up firearms
  6. Talking with the elk guide
  7. Too big of a caliber at too close a distance
  8. Guide was 2 for 2 in the early elk season
  9. Hunting old school

Answering a hunting question for a listener

Morph Pro bow hanger system

  1. Saw at ATA last year
  3. Mike used in the stand this season

The Gutcheck system