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Oct 28, 2019

Ken Sciculuna is hunting his new lease

  1. Got busted by a doe while hunting on the ground
  2. Struggling with land access without kicking deer out
  3. Putting time in the saddle
  4. Trailcam photos
  5. Naming bucks
  6. How to choose what Ken is going to shoot
  7. Using a ditch line near railroad tracks to access the property
  8. Scrapes and rub lines popping up now
  9. Using cameras on mock scrapes
  10. Deer activity as the season progresses
  11. Generational rubs
  12. Talking about Rebel Six Rubs!

Mike pulled his cards from the two mock scrapes he put out here in Michigan

  1. Camera placement
  2. Increased deer activity on scrape cameras
  3. Camera settings and why Mike set them up that way
  4. Bucks starting to spar and fight
  5. How much scrape enhancer used per scrape
  6. Increased buck activity in and around scrapes with the use of Buck Baits Scrape Enhancer

Mike had two up close coyote encounters

  1. Coyote on Friday night's hunt at the end of the hunt
  2. Coyote on Saturday night's hunt that charged right at Mike

Get out and enjoy the fall season!

  1. Seeing nature at it's best
  2. Dropping a wad of spit on a deer