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Feb 10, 2020

The guys spent the day at the oldest deer hunting club in the United States with Dr. James Kroll as he conducted his annual deer health check at Turtle Lake Club in Michigan!

  1. Turtle Lake Club is the oldest in the United States
  2. 26,000 acres in Hillman Michigan formed in 1884
  3. Check out the livestream from our Facebook page!
  4. Knowing which deer to shoot for the health check
  5. Size and age don't always work together
  6. Full moons and doe estrus cycles
  7. Everyone can do something to help the deer herd and habitat
  8. What is good for deer to eat and what is bad for deer to eat
  9. Best thing to plant is cereal grains, legumes and clovers
  10. Winter stress indicators
  11. Answering a question from listener about deer die off

Why does a deer's eye reflect light back when light hits it in the dark.

  1. Dr. Kroll dissected a deer eye
  2. Red Green color blind
  3. Daltonize Me Cam app
  4. Deer pupil
  5. Mirror like material to reflect light back through rods and cones to repocess the light to see at night
  6. Out take aways from the event, what did we learn that was new to us
  7. Oak trees and stump sprouting

What can you do to help the deer and the habitat

  1. Water sources are cheap and easy to put in
  2. Sharing info with others
  3. Shoot the right doe
  4. Work with your local biologist
  5. Networking

What was happening in 1884 when Turtle Lake Hunting Club was formed