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May 18, 2020

We talk with Randy Stoppenhagen of Better The Hunt about his cold weather hunting gear for the weapons we use in the field.

The story of how Randy went from Michigan to Idaho

The background on how he started hunting at age 30

  1. Two cousins in Michigan started him hunting
  2. Hunts the U.P. of Michigan
  3. What drives him to hunt
  4. Hunting Idaho
  5. The use of optics while hunting

How Better The Hunt got started

  1. He had to find a way to keep his hands warm on a cold deer hunt
  2. Bow Mitt made out of a hand warmer muff
  3. The current Bow Mitt
  4. How it works and functionality
  5. Works on recurves and longbows

The Multi Mitt

  1. The multiple use mitt for your release hand
  2. How it works and the versatility of it

The Shotgun Mitt

The Rifle Mitt

The Crossbow Mitt

Getting to know Randy

  1. Favorite wildgame meal
  2. What's on the radio while on the road
  3. What is his go to snack while on the road or in the field
  4. Favorite outdoor memory
  5. His military service