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Jul 6, 2020

The guys talk with Congressional Sportsmen's Foundation Ellary TuckerWilliams about their new initiative of Responsible Recreation.

With the closure of public lands and waters with Covid going on, the CSF has lobbied the states and developed a new initiative to make sure we recreate responsibly so lands and waters stay open.

  1. #ResponsibleRecreation hashtag
  2. Cleaning up your trash before you leave
  3. Sharing your outdoor photos
  4. Plan ahead and avoid over crowding
  5. Educating youngsters
  6. Take the pledge
  7. Catch of the Day

More people are using the outdoors during the virus time than ever before

  1. More fishing licenses being sold
  2. Fishing gear is in short supply
  3. More people outside means more money coming in to conservation funding
  4. Important to educate new users while outside

The Great American Outdoors Act

  1. Funding for backlog of projects
  2. Use for public lands and public agencies to promote access

The Recovering America's Wildlife Act

  1. Funds are for state agencies
  2. Help states to be more effective in the outdoors

Danny gives a recap on how things are looking at his hunting property since his visit this past week