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Jul 27, 2020

The guys talk with Carrie Zylka the Hostess of BowCast 2.0 the relaunch of the BowCast podcast!

  1. We have to work out a technical gremlin
  2. Original BowCast was the New School Archery podcast
  3. Carrie's craving for bowhunting information
  4. All she wanted was a t-shirt
  5. The old BowCast's archery knowledge
  6. Where we use to get our archery knowledge from
  7. Why a podcast instead of a vidcast

How many people do you think the original Bowcast affected in the archery world?

  1. Can't even put a number on it
  2. Forums were phenomenal
  3. How they got us to step out of our comfort zone
  4. Taking long shots back in the day

How did Bowcast 2.0 come about

  1. The original BowCast changed leadership a few times
  2. She tried to buy it several times
  3. She finally purchased it from Tim Endsley
  4. Keeping the same format as before
  5. Why 2.0
  6. Been well received
  7. Preserving what the original members have done with the show
  8. Original show was Western Hunting heavy and compound bow heavy
  9. Will have episodes for traditional shooters on the 2.0 BowCast

How women have to deal with the archery scene

How BowCast at the Bird became the Total Archery Challenge

  1. BowCast at the Bird was the first extreme archery event
  2. Originally they wanted a traveling circuit just like today
  3. The sold the rights to what is now TAC
  4. Bowfest shoot in Wisconsin

Reusing some of the older episodes

Will Bowcast have the forums back again?

What's on the first four episodes?

What's coming up in the future?

The Mystical Flight of the Arrow

The Process

Looking forward to the Wisconsin deer hunting season