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Sep 28, 2020

Tonight the guys are talking with Brian Anderson of G5 Outdoors about their new offerings of broadheads this year! 

Brian talks about his elk hunt in Idaho

  1. A friend took a nice bull
  2. Brian didn't get to launch an arrow
  3. Using the Striker four blade

The Striker X

  1. Four blade design
  2. 33% more cut
  3. Produces a bigger hole

The Montec M3

  1. Tried and true 
  2. #1 fixed blade sold
  3. One piece steel
  4. Thicker blade
  5. 60 degree blade angle
  6. Went to a solid design
  7. Stronger and sharper
  8. Made it quieter
  9. Effective range

The Dead Meat

  1. How to fix the rattle and what causes it
  2. Simple way to stop the rattle

The Mega Meat

  1. 3 Blade
  2. 2 inch cut
  3. Just started shipping
  4. Tough


  1. Ballistics Matched Point
  2. Matched for the broadhead design you purchase
  3. 100% steel
  4. Safe to use on all targets
  5. Flies like the broadhead

Keeping your broadheads tight on the arrow

Torkee broadhead wrench

Blue Glue for fletching arrows

Fixed Blade vs Mechanical Blade pluses and minuses

Crossbow broadheads, which ones to use

Brian's accident, talking safety that everyone needs to listen too!

  1. Accident nearly cost him his life
  2. Broadhead into his leg
  3. Lost 2 1/2 quarts of blood
  4. Tips for safety and hunting plans

Our four quick questions for Brian