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Mar 5, 2021

The guys tonight got their grill on with David Bouska of Wyld Seasoning! 

How David got his start in the seasoning business

  1. Former butcher
  2. Raised own animals
  3. How butchering led to the seasoning and grilling business
  4. Competition BBQ champion
  5. Wyld Seasoning
  6. His line of rubs and seasonings
  7. What rubs to use with which meats

How to make sure your meat gets from the field to the table 

  1. Common mistakes when field dressing
  2. How to properly age your deer
  3. Smoking meat properly
  4. Properly seasoning meats
  5. The future of grilling

Getting to know David with our typical questions

David turns the table on us and asks us his questions