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Aug 12, 2021

Join us this week as we talk with Dave Wilkins of Droptine Outdoor Adventures about hunting in South Africa post covid. We also talk to him about his role as Editor of Michigan Bow Hunters Magazine.


Hunting South Africa post covid

  1. How did you become an outfitter
  2. What has happened since covid started 
  3. How has it affected the hunting
  4. How has it affected the local communties
  5. What have they done to survive the loss of revenue
  6. How has it affected the animals
  7. Do you need the vaccine to travel to South Africa
  8. Are previous non used hunts still booked for hunters
  9. How long is the waiting list now
  10. Is animal skulls, hides, etc... being affected
  11. What other options are there for for non hunting family members
  12. Have prices increased
  13. Where does trips to Canada stand right now with the pandemic still on going
  14. What about New Zeeland

Editing the Michigan Bow Hunters Magazine

  1. How did you get started in the editing role
  2. What is the toughest part about being the editor
  3. What type of articles get published
  4. Who writes the articles
  5. Why should someone join Michigan Bow Hunters
  6. Can people from outside Michigan Join