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Jan 7, 2022

Tonight we talk with Mike Rudell of Paddling Michigan Lakes and Rivers. We cover the ins and outs of cold weather paddling.


Mike's  Beginnings of Kayaking

  1. How he got into kayaking
  2. His first trip with his own kayak
  3. Where he cut his teeth paddling early on
  4. His boats
  5. Why the different lengths
  6. What is a sea kayak

Double bulkhead boats

  1. Why is it important to have one
  2. How does it help it keep from sinking


  1. Lighter paddles helps with fatigue
  2. Helps to paddle faster
  3. The lighter the more expensive


  1. Most important piece of gear
  2. Get one for kayaking
  3. Why color is important
  4. High visability

Durability of gear

Cold Weather Paddling

  1. Cold weather magnifies the dangers
  2. Go out with at least two other kayakers
  3. Go out iwth extra warm closthes
  4. Dry suits 
  5. Dress for being in the water
  6. How weather can affect your paddling 
  7. How quickly weather can change
  8. You need a good skill set for winter paddling
  9. Wet exits and re-entry
  10. Marine radios
  11. Wet suit vs dry suit
  12. Layering under a dry suit
  13. Non cotton
  14. Dry bag of clothes
  15. Socks and gloves
  16. Head gear
  17. Worst paddling experience
  18. Spray skirts
  19. Dry storage
  20. Mylar blankets
  21. First aid kit
  22. Deck lines
  23. Cold water shock
  24. How to warm up a cold water victim
  25. Hand pump
  26. Float plans
  27. If Found Stickers
  28. Don't rely only on a phone for safety
  29. Dehydration
  30. Kayak snacks
  31. Facebook Group Paddling Michigan Lakes and Rivers
  32. Mike's favorite place to paddle
  33. Sharing the river with fishermen