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Jan 14, 2022

Join us tonight as Bill Friedrich talks about his hunting camp Singing Hills and the book he wrote about it "That Hunting Camp"

How Singing Hills got started

  1. 1939 by Bill's Grandpa Louie
  2. Camp as a child
  3. The early years
  4. Early camp rules
  5. Bill's 1st opening day
  6. Running a camp as a 28 year old
  7. Changing the rules
  8. How Singing Hills got its name

Why write a book

  1. To memorialize the history
  2. Pass along the tradition
  3. One Piece of advice
  4. Explaining what a hunting camp is
  5. How it played a huge part in his family life
  6. Connecting generations
  7. How the book got it's name
  8. Cost to write and publish book
  9. Photographs
  10. Bucks on the wall
  11. Where to buy the book "That Hunting Camp"