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Feb 25, 2022

Tonight the guys talk with Carrie Zylka of Hunt Fish Travel Podcast about her trip to the Shot Show in Las Vegas this year. We also get the scoop on her recent three state ice fishing adventure.

Talking shot show

  1. The mood and feeling at this year's Shot Show
  2. Exhibitors mood
  3. The layout of the show
  4. The crowd and vendor attendance
  5. Interaction with vendors
  6. How did the vendors treat the media
  7. Mantis Technology
  8. How manufactures treated women at the show
  9. Women in the outdoors
  10. Gun Maker that was paralyzed and took his situation to make a difference in an industry he loves

Ice fishing with Carry Z

  1. Three state tour
  2. Started to go to north Dakota but it was a bust
  3. Headed to South Dakota
  4. Fishing in No Man's land
  5. On 30 inches of ice
  6. Catching fish
  7. Headed to Minnesota
  8. Intersection on the middle of a lake?
  9. 30 below
  10. Blizzard shut down the fishing
  11. Nature wins again
  12. Ice fishing with friends in Wisconsin
  13. Recapping Sturgeon spearing in Wisconsin

Fishing in Ireland is on the list for this summer