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Jul 14, 2022

Join the crew as they recap a busy weekend on the water. Talking kayak self and team rescues along with some Saginaw Bay walleye fishing on Rock & Reel 2.0. Then the soap boxes come out for the release of the 2022 Michigan deer hunting regulations. 

Kayak big water safety class

  1. Getting kayak and boats adjusted to fit you
  2. Learning the way to properly escape a rollover
  3. Learning how to empty the water of your kayak while on the water
  4. Learning a team and self rescue

Saginaw Bay walleye fishing

  1. Out with Rock & Reel 2.0
  2. Slow start
  3. Lots of lake traffic
  4. What colors worked
  5. Finally a nice catch of fish

2022 Michigan deer hunting regulations

  1. New mandatory on-line deer check in
  2. Doe tags for the U.P. of Michigan
  3. How many deer tags do I need and what is this permit deal?
  4. Are we still using the scientific data?