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Jul 21, 2022

What do you do when it's too dry to put a food plot in? How do you keep your deer herd growing in dry weather? Listen in tonight with Robie Pruitt of Antler King tonight as he joins the boys in the UNJ Cabin!

How dry is it?

  1. Midwest conditions
  2. What is happening to the food plots now
  3. Look for what you can plant later
  4. Any rain now will not be enough

Planting Later

  1. You'll lose growing season but you'll get something at lest to feed deer
  2. Plant later rather than early
  3. When rains eventually hit, it's time to fertilize

Mark's food plots in Indiana

Quick talk about safety with trailers and the outdoors

Spring food plots going dormant due to no rain

  1. Stay off them!
  2. Can't give it enough water
  3. Needs 30,000 gallons of water per acre every two days
  4. Wait till it rains
  5. Annuals will not come back if it goes dormant
  6. Perennial will come back if it goes dormant

Get a soil test

Answering listener questions

What over seeding can cause

Seed depth

Planting in dry weather

Dry weather and EHD

Providing water for deer

Kool Aid for deer