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Jan 5, 2023

Join the guys tonight in the Cabin as they talk with local ice fisherman Adam Winn about ice fishing safety and the gear you need to be taking with you out on the ice to stay safe. Adam also covers the gear he uses to take fish through the ice. 

Ice thickness

  1. What is too thin
  2. What is thick enough for getting out

Basic ice fishing safety gear

  1. Ice fishing floatation suit
  2. Heater
  3. Propane
  4. Extra clothes
  5. Ice spikes
  6. Cooking food
  7. Snowmobile or Quad

Playing the weather reports for wind conditions on the big water

Using a GPS on the ice

Ice Fishing Equipment

  1. Fish finder
  2. Float Suit
  3. Ice Rods
  4. Lures
  5. Fishing line
  6. Ice Hut

Run in with Conservation Officers

Crazy stories from the ice

Cutting ice holes

Phone leash

Adam's deer season