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Jan 19, 2023

Join the guys tonight as they give their opinion of the 2023 Archery Trade Association Show in their wrap up episode. We are talking with Mark Coleman who made the trip for the first time. Danny gives us the low down on the show and the new PSE bows unveiled.


ATA 2023

Mark Coleman's first trip to the show

  1. His take on the show
  2. What he found interesting
  3. What he didn't expect
  4. Overall consensus of the show and the celebrities there
  5. Badlands Film Festival

Danny talks about the PSE Archery unveiling of 3 new hunting bows

  1. The Unite signature bow from John Dudley
  2. The Fortis 
  3. The Omen reimagined
  4. His take on the Badlands Film Festival
  5. Overall impression of the show