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Feb 2, 2023

Join us tonight as we chat with Lance Valentine of Talkin' Fishin'. He is one of Michigan's premier walleye fishermen and is going to talk about some of his best advice for getting started in walleye fishing. He also gives us a sneak peak of his new walleye jig head he helped develop. 

Back into show season

  1. Booth was slammed
  2. Sold a lot of product

How the idea of Coffee Time with Lance started during Covid.

  1. Turned into Teachin Fishin 
  2. Bi-weekly show
  3. Evolved with a whole new group of people interested in fishing

Lance's beginning of fishing

  1. Cut his teeth on the AuSauble River
  2. Wanted to make his living fishing
  3. Fishing the Bay for walleye
  4. Life took over
  5. 1996 went tournament fishing
  6. Started full-time fishing
  7. Teaching seminars
  8. Now a charter captain

What is the best advice for a first timer fishing for walleye

  1. Don't worry too much about the fishing
  2. Learn where to fish and about the species you're fishing for
  3. Educate yourself

Fishing location and dates

  1. Detroit River
  2. Lake Erie
  3. Saginaw Bay
  4. Mullets Lake and others

Talking Sturgeon in the Detroit River

How good is the Detroit River for walleye

New Regulations and how they affect the charter captains

Listen to your charter captain

When to hire a guide

Minimalist fishing

Evolution of an angler

Never let a rod go unused

Biggest walleye and tagged fish

Amount of daylight and moon phase

Charter Captain life vs family life 

The new jig head that Lance Developed for river fishing

  1. Never buy or use a round head jig
  2. His first developed jig head
  3. Worked with 2K jigs
  4. 2nd version

Superstitions and bananas

Are we as conservationists where we need to be or is there more work to be done?