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Mar 23, 2020

The guys are social distancing in their individual cabins tonight

PSE Archery has a new dealer in the Fenton Michigan area!

  1. Sunrys Archery
  2. Nice boot room

Ken Scicluna was social distancing on the boat doing some fishing

Social distancing at the archery shop 

Danny was working out outside since the gyms closed last week

  1. Last night at the gym was Sunday evening
  2. Had a case at Dan's workplace
  3. Has a goal to reduce weight
  4. Used Google to plan a couple of routes to walk 5 miles a day
  5. Animals are out and about now

Mike is taking time to shoot the final two rounds of the Indoor Archery league shoots the last two weekends.

  1. Shot about average first weekend
  2. This weekend shot pretty well
  3. Self pressure shooting
  4. Which bullseye to shoot first

Mike set up a gym in his basement to strength training

  1. Worked out Sunday right before shooting last target archery round
  2. Gym equipment was sold out after gyms closed
  3. Improvising on the fly

Talking about the PSE EVO NXT 33 and the Dudley Bow

Should fishing be free until this crisis is over?

If the state is shut down can you still go out and hunt and fish?