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Mar 30, 2020

All three of the guys are in the newly remodeled Cabin!

Ken has been out fishing during the Covid Crisis and it taking advantage of the great weather and hitting the water.

  1. Caught a few small mouth bass
  2. Hoping to get out on the hunting lease

Getting the rods ready for the season

  1. Always good to check the gear before heading out for the first time
  2. Inventory tackle
  3. Ordering tackle

Things to check for the first trip on the water

  1. Check the engine, trolling motor and batteries
  2. Boat and trailer checklist

Type of line to use on Large Mouth Bass

  1. Best to use
  2. Situational
  3. Small Mouth more sensitive to type of line
  4. Water clarity

How weather plays in to fish feeding and activity

How to fish the Pre-spawn 

  1. Water Temps
  2. Action speed
  3. Patterns
  4. When bass spawn and the conditions surrounding it

Danny's outdoor activities this week

  1. Running the Lumberjack 5K Virtual run
  2. Found a running partner
  3. Porta Potties closed in State Parks
  4. Saw first turkey near the park

Getting by with the stay at home order during the Covid Crisis


Mike's activities to keep him in shape during the crisis

  1. Lifting weights in the basement gym
  2. Walking a mile at work during lunch
  3. Running the Lumberjack 5K virtual run

Michigan DNR promoting getting outside to exercise during the crisis but the Governor is saying the opposite. 

  1. Should we travel up north
  2. Is it safe
  3. What are some of the consequences
  4. How does the extending of stay at home affect the fall hunting seasons