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Dec 14, 2015

What is Benefit 4 Kids?

  1. How do they help children with life challenges who want to have an outdoor wish?
  2. How can you help?
  3. How you can make a donation
  4. How does this affect the kids and their families?

Talking first ice icefishing tactics with Hall of Fame Fisherman Mark Martin

  1. How to be successful on first ice?
  2. How to be safe while on the ice?
  3. What challenges and dangers do we face on big water and fast moving rivers?
  4. What do Mark Martin's icefishing schools consist of?
  5. Why is weather so important to keep track of?
  6. How did Mark get his start in the outdoors?
  7. What did his father think about him becoming a professional fisherman?
  8. What was his most memorable fishing trip?
  9. What is his favorite way to prepare a table full of fish to eat?

We talk with Jennifer Emmendorfer the Marketing Specialist of the Saginaw Michigan Cabela's Outpost

  1. How is the Christmas Season going for the Saginaw store?
  2. What are some of the upcoming events that you can attend in the Saginaw store?
  3. Bridge to Bridge icefishing tournament
  4. How did Jennifer get her start at Cabela's?
  5. What was her outdoor beginnings?