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Dec 10, 2018

Mike had a group of kids up to his camp for a youth doe reduction hunt. The kids were from Backwater Legacies in Mid-Indiana.

  1. First day Mike had camp to himself for the last bow hunt of the season.
  2. Temps in the teens, 6 hours in stand with two deer seen.
  3. Kids make it to camp
  4. Held a doe management class before...

Dec 1, 2018

Mike and Dan talk with Jake and Nick Miller of OTown Outdoors. They start off with CWD.

  1. The guys discuss CWD in Michigan
  2. CWD discussion about Ohio
  3. One buck talk and doe tags
  4. Ohio deer numbers down

Talking hunting with the family.

  1. Hunting with all three kids
  2. Nick's Ohio buck and how it unfolded
  3. Jake's Ohio buck and...

Nov 26, 2018

The guys talk with Tim Sias of Limb Walker Game Calls about deer hunting and his turkey calls

  1. How Tim's deer season is in West Virginia
  2. Big Bucks in West Virginia
  3. Archery only counties
  4. Tim's new turkey call
  5. The Purr Plate
  6. Turkey calls make great Christmas gifts
  7. How to get your order in in time for Christmas


Nov 19, 2018

Mike and Dan both recap their opening week of Michigan's Firearm Deer season.

  1. Check station observations
  2. Amount of shots heard
  3. Dan's opening day
  4. Weather reports
  5. Mike's opening day and weather report
  6. Mike's coyote
  7. Dan's second day of firearm season
  8. Dan is seeing travel corridors where the logging cut was
  9. Mike's second...

Nov 12, 2018

The boys got a new call from Limb Walker Game Calls

  1. The Palm Purr Plate
  2. Cedar Striker
  3. Quiet and upclose calling

Mike and Danny are ready and fired up for Michigan's Deer Firearm opener this week!

  1. Expecting and hoping for snow
  2. Getting packed and ready to roll
  3. Got the opening day plan set according to the...