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Dec 24, 2018

The guys are talking about three huge bucks that made the news this week.

26 Point 229 inch Ohio buck poached.

  1. Ohio hunter was hunting the buck of a lifetime
  2. Nicknamed Hay Rake
  3. Poached by Coshocton County man
  4. Shot an 8 point buck earlier that morning
  5. Hunter who investigated the story had the deer at 40 yards only days earlier

34 inch spread Ohio buck taken by hunter in Belmont County

  1. Looks like the Rompola Buck
  2. Taken in Belmont County Ohio
  3. 182 inch buck
  4. Comparing to the Rompola Buck that was shot in 1998

51 Point Illinois buck taken on private land

  1. How technology has created antler envy
  2. Years ago we had to wait 6 to 8 months for stories of big bucks
  3. The Tucker Buck!
  4. Quite possibly the most scorable points ever recorded
  5. TAG your deer!!!!!

Christmas with the UNJ guys

  1. Danny almost sets the snow on fire
  2. Mike gets his BB gun taken away