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Feb 29, 2016

Part 2 of our interview with Paul Penix of PSE Archery about the Carbon Air bow.

  1. What was the longest shot Paul has taken with a bow at an animal and at a target.
  2. Talking about Denny Steiner's 103 yard elk bow kill
  3. Why should we practice at long distances
  4. How to perfect your concentration
  5. Archery is 90% Mental and 10%...

Feb 25, 2016

Up North Journal Throwback Thursday Episode 41

Feb 22, 2016

We had the fortune of talking with Paul Penix of PSE about the new Carbon Air Bow and what went into it along with a little history of PSE Archery.

  1. Wow
  2. Oldest compound bow manufacture
  3. Pete Shepley's history about PSE and Tom Jennings
  4. Own more compound bow patens than any other company
  5. First Carbon Riser in...

Feb 18, 2016

Up North Journal Throwback Thursday Episode 40

Feb 15, 2016

Mike and Dan discuss advantages hunting with suppressed rifles in MI now that the NRC has allowed them.

  1. Hearing protection
  2. Less felt recoil that leads to increased accuracy due to less anticipated flinch and recoil
  3. Better accuracy leads to a more ethical kill shot being placed on animals
  4. Game is less spooked due to...