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Sep 21, 2020

The guys talk with Spencer Deutz a Yamaha Pro Walleye Fisherman out of North Dakota

How he became a pro fisherman

  1. How he got his start in fishing
  2. The beginning of his career
  3. Working the circuit

Talking about the Yamaha Outboard Motors 

  1. The dependability of Yamaha
  2. How gas mileage plays into tournament...

Aug 17, 2020

This week the guys talk with Yamaha Pro Fisherman Brandon Palanuik.

  1. Pre fishing Lake St. Clair
  2. What he's looking for while pre fishing
  3. His comeback win on Lake Champlain
  4. Why he likes Yamaha motors so much
  5. How Covid has affected the tournament scene
  6. What to expect at this week's Bass Master's Elite Series at Lake St....

Jul 20, 2020

We talk with Brett King who is one of Yamaha's Pro Fisherman about the walleye tournament and walleye fishing.

How Covid has affected the tournament scene

  1. Just getting started
  2. 3 months behind

How Brett got interested in fishing and how he landed on the pro circuit

  1. Just got interested in fishing as a kid
  2. Lake...

Jun 22, 2020

The guys are talking with Yamaha Marine Division about the 2020 iCast show and the Right Waters Initiative 

iCast 2020 show

  1. With Covid the show will be virtual
  2. Brings saltwater and freshwater people together
  3. How will this change the trend with the show being virtual
  4. People feel that something is missing from a virtual...

Jun 1, 2020

The guys talk with Yamaha Pro Fisherman Robert Blosser about catching those big walleyes!

How Robert Got his start in the tournament circuit

  1. Started as a youngster in an outdoor family
  2. Grew the passion for walleye in teen years
  3. Gave advice to pro fisherman
  4. Started in the local tournaments
  5. 2007 fishing nationals
  6. 2008...