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May 27, 2019

Danny makes his annual trip to the Upper Peninsula of Michigan to open his cabin for the first time of the year.

  1. Made it to camp
  2. Roof is still on the cabin
  3. No water leaks
  4. Getting work done at camp
  5. Got the PackerMaxx out to work on the food plots
  6. Took soil samples
  7. Trees planted last year got a little nibbled on from...

May 23, 2019

Mike and Danny talk with Tred Barta about his cross country trip to Alaska

  1. Tred made it to Alaska!
  2. He is in the water on Squirrel Lake!
  3. Became emotional when he made it!
  4. Seeing all kinds of game
  5. Scenery is amazing
  6. Almost flipped his trailer
  7. The outdoors is good medicine
  8. Ran out of gas twice
  9. Crossing into Canada
  10. Setting...

May 20, 2019

Mike is back from vacation

  1. Spent time at Gulf Shores Alabama
  2. Crane on the beach near a fisherman
  3. Grabbed a Ballyhoo fish
  4. A seagull and a crab going at it
  5. FloraBama

Danny talked to Nick Percy of Killer Food Plots and is getting ready to plant his food plots next weekend.

  1. Danny is getting ready to food plot
  2. Opening up...

May 12, 2019

The kickoff of the Tred Barta Get Off The Couch Expedition!

His first three days on the road

  1. Tred has made it to Lewiston Montana in three days!
  2. Pushing and testing his limits
  3. Hates Chicago!!!
  4. Harbor View travel trailer
  5. Truck takes a long time to get to speed
  6. 5 miles per gallon gas mileage
  7. 13 hours a day driving
  8. Taking...

May 6, 2019

The boys head to Indiana to spend a day with Tred Barta

  1. The boys head to Elkhart Indiana to visit Tred Barta
  2. Stop in at HL Interprise to watch them put the finishing touches on Tred Barta's travel trailer
  3. The boys take Tred to lucnch
  4. They get to watch the trailer get finished
  5. The guys help him put a few things...