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Nov 29, 2010

Mikey's Take On His Deer Season


Illinois Hunting Trip

  • Pre hunt talk
  • Updates from the field
  • Next week's show

Mikey's Game Bag

  • Duck Hunting
  • Cold factor

Poll Question of the Week

Duck Calling Championship

Hats With Flaps

  • Facebook page
  • Old School vs New School

Nov 22, 2010

Deer Camp

  1. Hunting without my dad
  2. New camp this year
  3. Hunting state land
  4. Buck pole

Duck Hunting

  1. Saturday evening with the boys and a drake bufflehead
  2. Sunday morning hunt with two first time duck hunters

Guns In School

  1. Local teens go hunting then to school
  2. Zero tolerance policies too strict?
  3. What are your...

Nov 8, 2010

Cabela's Deer Classic

  • Hanging with the Pro Staffers
  • Meeting our new UNJ Pro Staff Manager
  • Goodies we bought

Remington 700

  • MSNBC video report
  • My two cents

Suspension Syndrome

  • Safety harness awareness
  • Bow hunters and gun hunters

Campbell's Outdoor Challenge

  • Interview with Pro Staffer Jonathon Reames
  • Rules for...

Nov 1, 2010

Remington 700 Safties

  • CNBC story "Remington Under Fire"
  • Safety issues

Election Week

  • Get out and vote!
  • What's important to you!

Sunday Hunting In Connecticut

  • No hunting on Sunday
  • BR Shooting Journal takes issue with old law
  • Help support to change and open Sundays to hunting in Connecticut

Indiana Deer Hunt

  • Chico's...