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Sep 29, 2008

Episode 78

Trespassing, Knowing where your at, at all times.

New Bow

  1. Setting it up at the shop
  2. Sighting in
  3. Shooting at the range

Outdoor News:

  1. New Jersey problem bears
  2. Washington lead ammo issue
  3. Archery only for some food pantries

Mikey's Game Bag

  1. Goose calls
  2. Duck season opener

Sep 23, 2008

Episode 77

Our Great Colorado Adventure

Mikey's Back!

  1. Mike's hunting update
  2. Mike interviews a special guest this week

Sep 15, 2008

Episode 76

Colorado Mule Deer Hunt Update


Sep 8, 2008

Episode 75

Michigan's Early Goose Season

  1. Season Opener
  2. Thursday Hunt

Woods & Water Weekend

  1. Friday Setup
  2. Saturday's Events

Outdoor News

  1. Michigan CWD Latest

Sunday Archery Tournament

Game Bag

  1. Goose Call Field Test
  2. New Toys

Colorado Elk Hunt Latest


Sep 2, 2008

Episode 74

Vacation, new bow ordered

Mikey's Interview w/ Big Shuan Hammock

  1. Foiles Migraters

Outdoor News

  1. Michigan CWD case in Kent County

Pike Fishing

Delta Waterfowl Banquet

  1. Straits Area Delta Waterfowl Banquet
  2. Chapter President:  Mike Scott

Goose Season Opener!