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Apr 28, 2008

We celibrate our one year aniversary

Get the lowdown on our 5 day trip to Ohio for a turkey hunt with my two boys and my brother - in - law.

Shout out to a listener

Apr 21, 2008

Episode 55

Opening week of turkey season

  1. Checklists
  2. Checking Equipment
  3. Jacob is ready

National Archery In The Schools Program

Outdoor News

  1. Maryland HB 655 Defeated
  2. Olofson gun malfunction case: 

Apr 14, 2008

Episode 54

Spring is Here

Replaced New Tent

Visited our 40 acres

Stopped at Jays Sporting Goods

Self Guided Tout Fishing Trip to Arkansas Interview with Ken Johnson

Outdoor News:

  1. NSSF State Grants
  2. Maine No Net Loss

Apr 7, 2008

Episode 53 of the Up North Journal 


Omer Sucker Fishing Trip

Boat In The Water, First Time Out

Outdoor News:

  1. Former NRA President, Charlton Heston passes away
  2. Family Affield programs
  3. Women hunter numbers on the rise
  4. Michigan controversy over albino deer  
  5. Indian River residents tie to...