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May 28, 2018

Mike got the target bow set up and is now starting to tune it.

  1. Stan's release aid vs the trigger style release aid
  2. PSE Phenom SD target bow, Copper John sight, AAE Prophecy rest, Hot Rods Stabalizers
  3. Step back tuning
  4. Setting the top pin at 25 yards for the hunter division
  5. Had the rear stabilizer move and get in the...

May 21, 2018

Got the new target arrows cut this week for the shoot, Carbon Express Maxima SD

  1. Tuned them to the Evolve 31
  2. Low profile 2 inch vanes
  3. Didn't have the target bow set up yet and had to use my hunting bow
  4. Shot out to 80 yards

Shot at Mudjaw Bowman for the 1st leg of Ohio State Field Archery Association Triple Crown

  1. Wet,...

May 14, 2018

A recap of Mike taking a friend turkey hunting for the first time.


Day one morning hunt

  1. 3 gobblers coming, which way to go?
  2. 2nd sit of the morning

Day one evening hunt

  1. Pop up blind
  2. 2 gobblers
  3. Should've set where we did for the morning

Day two morning hunt

  1. Mike goes back to run and gun while his friend sat in the...

May 7, 2018

Using a trail camera to scout for turkey

  1. Good to use on private land
  2. Cuts down the scouting time
  3. Help to figure out where to set up
  4. Can see specific birds
  5. Helps to know what times they frequent the area
  6. Snow still on the ground
  7. Gobbler came up to the lodge in camp

On the way home from camp came into an area that had a...