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Feb 22, 2010

NWTF National Convention Report

The 2010 Ice Out!

Talk Hunting Forum

Getting Kids Involved In The Outdoors

Game Bag, Using Dead Minnows

Michigan Turkey Permits

Feb 15, 2010

New Sponsor For UNJ - "DragonFire ThermaGrips"

Poachers Caught

Ice Fishing The Saginaw River

Hunting Friends

Game Bag - Mikey Gets On His Soapbox!

Michigan's Deer and Turkey Spectacular

UNJ Events

  1. 2nd Annual Houghton Lake Ice Fishing Outing with UNJ
  2. NWTF National Convention in Nashville, TN

Feb 7, 2010

Michigan Turkey Permits & Hunting

Rifle Range

  1. Jacob shooting
  2. AR-15

Coyote Hunting

  1. Three Coyotes on Monday
  2. New property to hunt

Outdoor Shows

  1. Lansing Deer and Turkey Spectacular
  2. NWTF National Convention

Game Bag

  1. Weekend ice fishing
  2. Houghton Lake ice fishing outing


  1. New AR-15 blog
  2. UNJ blog writers
  3. Beyond The...

Feb 1, 2010

Ice Fishing

Magazines, Do You Read Them?

Benefit 4 Kids Banquet

Game Bag

Alaksan Writer Chip Hailstone's Blog

Upcoming Events

  1. Lansing Deer and Turkey Spectacular
  2. Houghton Lake UNJ Ice Fishing Trip
  3. NWTF Convention

Beyond The Wild Episode 6