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Jun 29, 2015

We talk about our 4 day trip to Backwater Legacies youth outreach camp.

  1. What is Backwater Legacies
  2. What do they do for the kids
  3. What outdoor disciplines do they teach
  4. What are the kids' reactions

Jun 22, 2015

An indepth interview with Carrie Z of HuntFishTravel Podcast.

  1. Her hunting beginnings
  2. How she got into podcasting
  3. The Rebranding of her podcast
  4. Her thoughts on a list of topics

Jun 15, 2015

Interview with Dave Wilkins from Droptine Outdoor Adventures

  1. What does it take to go on an African Safari
  2. What does a trip consist of
  3. What does he think about the recent CWD case here in Michigan