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Feb 25, 2019

Mike takes a trip to Indiana to the Deer and Turkey Expo

  1. Good to meet some people we talk with on line
  2. Spent some time in the Backwater Legacies booth
  3. Saw the guys from EZ Kut at the show
  4. How the show was set up
  5. Comparison to other shows
  6. Got a chance to see Dixie the Praying Dog again
  7. Buckhead Wildlife...

Feb 18, 2019

Turkey talking with the guys

  1. Turkey workshop coming April 6th
  2. Guys are seeing birds in fields
  3. On The Limb with Tim Sias of Limbwalker Game Calls
  4. Purr Plate
  5. Red Slate Call
  6. Practice calling before season

Dries Visser South African hunt talk at Spot Shooter Archery March 11th

Talking EZ Kut System

  1. The Wow saw
  2. The...

Feb 11, 2019

The guys start out the show talking about the Vegas shoot and how the Michigan guys did.

The 2019 Turtle Lake Deer Health check with Dr. James Kroll

  1. How the health check went and proceedures
  2. Why they do these health checks
  3. How the rut plays into this
  4. How they use fetal size to determine the date of conception
  5. What to...

Feb 4, 2019

Scent Lok OZ 20b and Mike's shoes!!!! #ScentLok #FeetStink Danny smells Mike's shoes after a treatment with the Scent-Lok OZ!

They guys talk about Mike joining a new hunting lease in Indiana

  1. Mike headed to Indiana Saturday morning
  2. Mike went to scout a new hunting lease he was invited to join
  3. He felt he needed to make a...