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Mar 14, 2016

Kayak fishing from a kayak with Adam Marsh of Cabela's

  1. Cabela's Outfitter in the fishing department
  2. Honed his skills as a youngster on Houghton Lake
  3. Fishes from a kayak
  4. Uses spinning reels due to having to fish sitting down in the kayak
  5. Uses 10ft fishing kayak
  6. Shorter kayaks are easier to maneuver in streams with current
  7. Gives you the ability to stop and bank fish in areas that people with motor boats cannot get access to fish
  8. Stays in the kayak to fish on inland lakes
  9. Can transport without using a trailer or a vehicle without a trailer hitch
  10. You use more upper body strength to fight the fish unlike from a boat or on a shore
  11. Uses Cabela's Advamced Angler Pro Series Sling Pack for carrying fishing tackle
  12. Uses Fenwick 5'6" 2 Piece Rod
  13. PFD's and water shoes
  14. Keep fish or catch and release
  15. How to keep important stuff dry, drivers license, fishing license, camera, etc...
  16. Musky fishing from a kayak
  17. Getting set up
  18. Learn from someone who has experience how to use a kayak before heading out to fish for the first time