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Jan 20, 2020

Tonight the guys start the show off by talking about collectible outdoor items.

  1. Northern Michigan Glasses
  2. Michigan Successful Hunter Patches
  3. Started in 1972 in Michigan
  4. DNR gave them out at check stations for a successful deer taken

Being Checked by the DNR

EZ Kut gives away 2 Lil' G Loppers on the show today!


Jan 13, 2020

The guys wrap up their experience at this year's Archery Trade Association show in Indianapolis Indiana.

Ken's big take away from the show

Danny's Big take away from the show

Mike's take away from the show

The interviews

Badlands Film Festival

Jan 6, 2020

The guys get permission to show a couple new products from Buck Baits before they are released at the ATA show.

  1. New hunting cover scent in Cedar
  2. New Match Maker Series mineral feed for whitetail deer
  3. 12 pack of Tracker Stakes
  4. All three of these products will be debuted at this week's ATA show in Indianapolis, IN


Dec 30, 2019

Mike and Dan discuss a few numbers out about the impact of wolves on the landscape

  1. Wolf introduction to Yellowstone in 1995
  2. Elk and Moose populations of 1995
  3. Wolf population in 2000
  4. Impact on elk and moose by 2000
  5. Using the wolf as a political tool

The History of Michigan Elk

  1. Last native elk killed in Michigan in...

Dec 23, 2019

The guys go over the elk hunt Mike went on in Michigan last week.

Friday's mandatory elk hunt orientation

  1. Friday's meeting
  2. Hunter package
  3. 30 bull tags for the December hunt 70 cow tags
  4. Clif Bars
  5. Cabin at Toasty's (231) 525-8101 Wolverine, MI Exit 301 off I-75

Day 1 Hunt

  1. Private land cameras weren't showing elk
  2. Hunted...